7 Subtle Meanings When a Gemini Man Kisses You

Are you lucky enough to have landed a smooch from a Gemini man?

Has your Gemini’s kiss become a riddle you can’t quite solve?

When a Gemini man kisses you, it’s like being kissed by the wind. It’s like he’s trying to consume your soul.

Light, airy, and full of movement, his kisses are like a breath of fresh air.

But what makes this sign so passionate when it comes to kissing?

Let’s explore the mystery behind their kisses and find out what are their turn-ons and turn-offs while kissing.

We’ll also offer you some magical cheat sheets to totally nail the kissing game with your Gemini guy and steal his heart.

7 Deepest Meanings Behind a Gemini Man’s Kiss

He may lead with gentle teasing before diving in for a passionate make-out session or steadily build up the intensity until fireworks explode between the two of you.

Below are the 7 hidden clues behind your guy’s kiss if he is on a mission to sweep you off your feet.

1. He’s Trying To Get in Your Good Graces

If it is the start of your relationship, your Gemini man is trying to win your affection by kissing you.

He takes care of all the moments and tries to make you feel comfortable and happy around him.

This is his playful side that he is showing you, and he wants you to see that he can be a lot of fun.

  • He might kiss you on the cheek as a sign of platonic affection.
  • He could also give you a big, wet, sloppy kiss as he’s trying to make you laugh.
  • If he is kissing you in public, he is trying to show everyone that you are his queen.

2. He’s Testing the Waters

A serious make-out session with tongues and all can be a way for your Gemini boy to test the waters with you.

He wants to see if there is a mutual attraction between the two of you. He’s also looking for signs that you’re interested in him and not just playing hard to get.

This is why he’ll mirror your body language and the way you kiss him back.

  • If you keep your lips tightly closed, he’ll do the same.
  • But if you part your lips and invite him in, he’ll take the hint and return the favor.
  • He might also nibble on your lips to get you to open up and let him in.

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3. Your Aura Is Attractive to Him

  • Are you the girl who lights up a room when you walk in?
  • Do you have an aura of mystery that makes people want to get to know you better?
  • Are those positive and energetic vibes coming off you?

The airy zodiac sign can’t resist a woman who is romantic, beautiful, and at the same time, full of life.

You’re a breath of fresh air to him, and he can’t get enough of you.

So, to quench his thirst, he’ll try to inhale as much of your essence as possible through a deep and sensual kiss.

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4. He’s Flirting With You

There are many ways a Gemini man can flirt with you, but one of his favorite ones is definitely holding his girl close and giving her a long, deep lip lock.

He wants to take you to the seventh heaven and make you feel like the only woman in the world.

This is his step towards getting to know you on a more intimate level.

He’s flirting with you and trying to gauge your reaction.

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5. He Wants To Intensify the Physical Relationship

Your guy’s charm lies in his ability to make you feel special and loved. He wants to find out if you are ready to take the next step in your relationship.

And after spending time with you, he’s now ready for a hookup.

  • He wants to enjoy every moment with you.
  • He wants to taste your lips and feel your body close to his.
  • His desires for you are running wild, and he can’t control himself anymore.
  • He wants his lady to join him in bed and fly high with him in the clouds of passion.
  • A passionate, intimate, and long kiss is his way of telling you that he’s ready to get physical with you.

6. He Wants To Show His Adventurous Side

  • You’re sitting on a chair and reading your favorite book when suddenly, your man appears out of nowhere and kisses you on the cheek.
  • He gives you a warm hug and whispers in your ear, “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
  • One day he is lifting you in his arms and touching your stomach with his lips, and the other day he’s giving you a gentle peck on your forehead.

A Gemini guy is a total romantic and loves to surprise his woman with affection.

He is an adventurer and loves to experiment with new things.

So, instead of the same old boring routine, he’ll try to spice up your relationship by loving you on different occasions in different ways.

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7. He’s Falling for You Head Over Heels

Congratulations! You’ve finally won the heart of a Gemini man.

These green signals are a sure-shot way of telling that he’s into you and is falling for you head over heels.

He has chosen you as his life partner and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Kissing Style of a Gemini Man and Expectations

To keep the spark alive in their relationship, Geminis love to experiment with different kissing styles.

Read on to see what it means when he kisses you in different places of your body.

1) When He Kisses You on the Cheek

If your cheeks are his favorite target, he’s trying to show his affection for you spiritually.

He’s playfully teasing you and showing his fondness towards you.

His potential romance has not yet reached the stage where he’s ready to make a move on you.

But his feelings for you are taking shape, and he’s definitely keen on taking things further with you.

2) When He Kisses Your Lips

Do you feel like he is like a kid in a candy store when he approaches your lips?

He just can’t help but want to taste every inch of your lips.

If a French kiss is something he does on every date, it means he’s deeply interested in you and wants to take your relationship to the next level.

3) When He Kisses You on the Neck

No girl can be better seduced than when a guy kisses her on the neck.

Your boyfriend is also trying to show his wild side and wants you to let your hair down and have some fun.

The ruling planet, Mercury, lets Geminis listen to their hearts.

When his lips are on your neck, he wants to drive you crazy with the desire for his love.

4) When He Kisses You on the Forehead

The sweetness and simplicity of a forehead kiss can make any girl go weak in the knees.

A Gemini man is determined to make you feel special and loved.

He sees you as his queen and wants to shower all his love on you. And your forehead is the best choice for displaying his caring, nurturing and gentle nature.

He presents himself as your protector and wants to take all your worries away.

Tips for Kissing a Gemini Man

Want to up your kissing game to take your lip-locking from dull to delightful? Make your next session steamy and fantastic for your Gemini man by considering these secret kissing tips.

  • Stare into his eyes.
  • Pull your guy closer to you.
  • Lean in for a kiss and make the first move.
  • Hold his face in your hands.
  • Pucker your lips and go for it.
  • Pull away and kiss him again with more tongue.
  • Keep the intimacy going by looking into his eyes again.

Watch out for the following 3 amazing ways to be an unforgettable kisser for your Gemini partner.

The Bottom Line

So ladies, the kisses of your Gemini man will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.

But before you let him sweep you off your feet, understand him and his needs completely. His expectations are high, and you must participate equally to make things work out.

He wants you to be his best friend, lover and partner all rolled into one. He wants your unconditional love and support.

So, next time your Gemini crush leans in for a kiss, go ahead and enjoy the ride! It’s bound to be an innovative and exciting experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a Gemini man to fall in love?

It depends. If you match his intelligence and start reciprocating his actions, a Gemini can quickly fall for you. And if he’s getting bored, he’ll take his time to think things through before he commits.

How do you know if a Gemini man has feelings for you?

If he is making your life beautiful by giving you flowers, gifts and compliments, his heart is definitely speaking to you. Also, be on the lookout for romantic gestures like forehead kisses, cuddles and nicknames.

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