How to Spot The 9 Types of Guys in Relationships


You have been single for quite some time and you want to meet someone nice for a change.

The problem is, you always get into relationships that are wrong for you.

The last guy you dated was terrible and you had a problem breaking it off with him.

Now you are wondering, “How would I know different sorts of men? How would I know if I met a great guy?”

You Will Meet Different Types of Guys in Relationships

Relationships are complicated, and so is the psychology of men.

What women should know is there are different types of men out there.

From the player to the nice guy, you can quickly identify them if you keep your eyes open.

Let’s have a look at the 9 types of guys who can appear in your life.

The Patriarch

He is the kind of guy who loves to shut down women.

He believes that men rule the world. So, he believes that men should lead relationships

As a boyfriend, he likes to dominate every little thing you do.

His attention to detail in what he wants is specific.

You only have to say yes to everything he wants to happen.

  • Imagine you and your guy are out to dinner.
  • He orders the food and drinks for you without even giving you a chance to have an opinion.
  • He might also come up with strict rules about how you should dress, who you should talk to, and where you should go.

The Prince Charming

He is easy on the eyes. He is good-looking and way too charming.

You almost can’t believe that he likes you too.

You only have one problem: his character.

He is insensitive to your needs but he is very sensitive to his, too.

  • For instance, he can take hours to reply to your texts but expects you to answer him right away.
  • If he is having a bad day, you’ll just have to be quiet and listen.

What’s worse, he will expect your sympathy and will not offer any in return.

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The Know-it-all


He seems to know everything and he wants you to know it.

He will bring you all sorts of information and he will even correct your grammar. 

He knows many things and he keeps reminding you that.

The only thing that he doesn’t know is how to keep you satisfied in the relationship. 

  • For example, on a date, he may talk about topics that don’t interest you.
  • Or, he might give you advice on your work even if you didn’t ask him.

The Dependent

One word to describe this guy: parasite.

He leeches off of your finances.

He spends more than he can afford.

He is always behind on rent and he even borrows money from you!

He is a scrub and many of his friends know it.

He almost doesn’t ask to pay for things when you go on a date. 

  • Let’s say you finished dinner, and he doesn’t even mention that he will cover the bill.
  • It’s like you are his mom, not his girlfriend.
  • He will say something like, ”Hey honey, can you cover this for me?”

No, no, no! That’s not how it works.

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The Gamer

From sports to video games, you name it; he’ll play it.

This guy is more interested in his game console than spending time with you. 

Other than the occasional date night, he has already set his priorities.

He goes to his favorite hangout and plays as soon as he gets home from work. 

At least he’s not gaming you– sort of.

  • You can make him yours if you accept his way of life.
  • Just don’t expect him to take you out on the weekend if he has a big game coming up.
  • Instead, text him, ”Hey, I wish you good luck with the game. Let me know if you need some support.”

And that’s how you can win his heart.

The Jester


This guy thinks he is funny.

He likes to make pranks on people.

He usually tells the lamest gags but you laugh at them anyway. 

He often says that his humor is his best quality trait.

His friends tell him to stop the jest.

Ladies do not buy his sense of humor. 

  • At his birthday party, he may crack jokes all night.
  • After some time, everyone will just get tired of it, and he’ll be left alone, wondering why no one laughs at his jokes.

Still, you are with him because? 

The Puncher

You are on your toes when he is around.

You are often unaware of when he will explode. 

He has a history of hurting other people and has already threatened to hurt you if you do something he doesn’t like.

He says he will kill himself if you leave him among other scary things that he already said.

  • He will say to you, ”If you go out, I will make sure that you regret it.”
  • If your class fellow talks to you, he will accuse you of flirting.

It’s time to break it off.

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The Casanova

He charms the ladies all the time.

You know he is a player, but you are still smitten by him. 

He likes to flirt, and he is capable of dating different women at the same time.

He isn’t sorry when he gets into affairs other than his committed relationship.

  • You are walking on thin ice.
  • At the café, you will find him with some other girl, which will break your heart.
  • He can even offer gifts to other girls in front of you, making you feel worthless.

It looks like somebody is not a keeper.

You must be brave enough to tell him you won’t tolerate his behavior.

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The Good Guy


He is dependable, wise, and modest.

He is honest about his feelings, and he tries to communicate in a respectful way. 

He listens to you, and he remembers the important things you say.

He is not perfect, but he tries to be there for you when need him. 

  • You will be treated like a queen by this guy.
  • He will enjoy a rainy day with you while cuddling on the sofa.
  • He will listen to your stories and be a good companion.
  • He will open the door for you and treat you with respect.

Come on, girl, this guy deserves to be appreciated.

Choose him if you want a healthy relationship and rock your life.

How to spot a great guy

Many women say, “Great guys are hard to come by.”

It can be true. Amazing women are also hard to come by.

It is easy to spot an incredible person.

A smart woman identifies an equally good man.

Sometimes, you are only confused.

To break this confusion, here are some common marks of a good man:

1. He is respectful to everyone.

This guy knows his manners.

He respects people’s differences and does not cross the line.

2. He values other people’s time.

He does not want to make people wait.

He knows that time is precious for everyone.

He takes pride in being prompt.

3. He listens to other people’s perspectives.


He knows that people do not think alike.

He does not get into arguments easily because of differing opinions.

4. He knows his values. 

He knows his limitations and boundaries.

He holds on to his values but he does not insist on his personal values on others.

5. He is goal-oriented.

He is not a slack-off. He moves and gets the job done.

He is driven to pursue his dreams and knows how to chase them.

6. He looks clean and presentable all the time.

He knows that a good personality should be matched with good grooming.

He looks and smells clean not for others but for himself too.

7. He likes engaging in meaningful conversation.

He is way past the cheesy and meaningless pep talks.

He communicates his thoughts and feelings well.

8. He spends time with you.

You do not need to ask him to spend quality time with you.

He initiates and asks you when you can both spend time together. 

He gives value to your schedule because he knows you are your own woman.

9. He is trusted by the people around him.

His friends and family vouch that he can be trusted.

You can see that his family asks his opinion on certain matters and he likes taking care of others.

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Are these nine types of men universally applicable, or do they vary based on culture and society?

While these nine types of men can be found in many different cultures and societies, the prevalence and acceptance of each type can vary.

Cultural norms and societal expectations can influence the behavior and attitudes of men.

Can a man exhibit characteristics of more than one type? If so, how can we categorize them?

Yes, it’s possible for a man to exhibit characteristics of more than one type.

People are complex and can’t always be neatly categorized.

It’s more about recognizing patterns of behavior rather than trying to fit someone into a single category.

How can I effectively communicate with each type of man to improve our relationship?

Effective communication strategies can vary depending on the type of man.

For example, a ‘Know-it-all’ might appreciate direct and factual communication, while a ‘Good Guy’ might respond well to open and honest discussions about feelings.

What are some strategies for dealing with the negative aspects of each type of man?

Strategies can include setting clear boundaries, maintaining open communication about your needs and expectations, seeking advice from trusted friends or professionals, and in some cases, considering whether the relationship is healthy and beneficial for you.

Are these types static, or can a man change his type over time?

People can change over time, and so can their behaviors and attitudes.

Life experiences, personal growth, and changes in circumstances can all influence a man’s type.

How can I help a man move from a less desirable type to becoming a ‘Good Guy’?

It’s important to remember that you can’t force someone to change – they have to want to change themselves.

However, you can encourage positive behaviors, communicate openly about your needs, and support them in their personal growth journey.

What are some signs that a ‘Good Guy’ might not be as good as he seems?

If a ‘Good Guy’ consistently fails to respect your boundaries, dismisses your feelings, or behaves in a way that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, these could be signs that he’s not as good as he seems.


Good men are still out there.

Usually, they are engaged in important causes.

Good men do not waste their time.

They are busy pursuing their goals like you are. 

Continue doing the incredible things that you do.

You will sense him when he compliments and appreciates the things and people you value.

He will ask you out when you are ready and he will wait for you.

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