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12 Ways To Make A Man Cry In Bed

Do you know how to make a man cry in bed?

It may sound like an odd question, but it’s actually something that many women want to know.

Making your partner cry with pleasure can be a real turn-on, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to make your man cry with ecstasy.

We’ll give you tips and tricks that will have him moaning and wailing in no time!

1. Make him long for you

Did you know that you can condition your man to be horny?

You can make him feel like fucking you without him even knowing.

For example, you can always wear a specific perfume when having sex with him.

In the process, your man will start associating the scent with sex.

So any time you wear the perfume, he’ll automatically become aroused.

You could also try a color of lipstick.

Most men associate red lipstick with the sign that you’re ready for oral sex.

So if you start wearing red lipstick every time you give him blowjobs, he will gradually become conditioned to be ready for oral sex.

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2. Have sex with him when he wasn’t expecting

If there is anything that men love, it’s to fuck the girl they desire.

They’d do anything to get laid by their crush, even if it meant spending their savings at a lavish restaurant or buying an expensive gift.

So if you’re sure your man loves you, you can surprise him with sex.

For example, you can walk naked into the room he is in while carrying your thong and smiling sexually at him.

He will run to grab you and have sex with you right there on the floor or anywhere he can.

You may also move onto him in an unusual location, like in your car.

3. Try new positions

You can make a man smile at you for weeks by giving mind-blowing sex in a unique position.

Most couples have boring sex because they keep using the same positions as missionary.

What if you tried other sex styles like ballerina, anvil, and drill-sex positions?

The key to making this work is to ensure the position allows your man to see your full body.

When he can see your breasts, tummy, and eyes, he’ll be more aroused when dominating you.

4. Make your man feel jealous

Maybe your man feels that he has a total grip on you, so he may not appear to be interested as he was a few years back.

You can increase his attraction toward you by making him feel jealous.

This may mean something other than kissing his best friend or even going on dates with your neighbor.

You can smile suggestively towards strangers when walking along the streets with him.

You can also respond positively to salacious gestures by strangers at a restaurant or gym in the presence of your man.

For example, you can gaze for a long time at the waiter or tell your gym trainer to touch your butt when helping you squat.

When your man notices such events, he will feel insecure and start trying to please you in bed to remind you of how valuable he is compared to other men.

5. Dress sexy for him

When you stay with someone for a long time, you no longer try to impress them through your dress and makeup.

There is no longer the effort to try to be raunchy because you’ll have sex anyway.

But if you want your man to feel more attracted to you like he was when you first met, consider buying sexy clothes.

For example, a cute top when going out with him on Friday Night or Saturday afternoon.

You can also dress suggestively in the bedroom to encourage him to pounce on you with his rough, sexy hands.

6. Inflate his ego

There is nothing more arousing to a man than when a woman he likes compliments him or acts in a way to please him.

For example, telling him that his sex game is good.

Or dive deeper into the details and sharing maybe his thrusts are powerful compared to your previous lovers.

You may even tell him about how you love his moans when he is ejaculating inside you.

He may try to keep moaning the next time you’re having sex.

Of course, you can’t tell him his penis is the biggest you’ve ever seen.

This is unrealistic because the feel of penetration does not entirely depend on the size of the penis but on how aroused the girl is.

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7. Have a fit body

Men get turned on primarily by the body of their women.

Any man will easily be attracted to you if you’re physically fit with nice curves and a flat tummy.

So if you’ve gained weight in the past few years you’ve dated, it’s time to check your diet and schedule some time every week for exercises to regain a fit body physique.

Your man will be all over you in a few months when your body is now more attractive.

You’d have lost excess fat and gained more muscle if you become consistent with diet and exercise.

He may even be inspired to start his fitness journey because of your actions.

8.  Flirt with him

Flirting is crucial for expressing interest and attraction between you and your lover.

It helps to build sexual tension, turn him on and make him keep thinking about you.

This way, he’ll overperform in bed when given a chance because he longs to have sex with you.

Some of the ways to flirt with your man include steamy touches on his body, like his arms, abs, and chest.

You can also have playful games, such as covering your face could convey coyness.

You can also grab whatever he is using and tell him to come and get it from you.

To ensure you successfully flirt with him, avoid talking about his exes.

He may react negatively, especially if he has a soft spot for her or he had a painful breakup.

Also, don’t stop practicing even if your flirt goes poorly the first time your try. You’ll get better with time.

9. Play hard to get

When you’re too accessible to your man, he’ll no longer treasure your presence.

And that means your sex life will be boring.

To make your man more active in bed, try to be less present around him.

For example, if he invites you over to his place, leave before he asks you to do so.

You can also make him the one who comes to your place.

This way, you’ll appear less needy and clingy.

Another way to play hard to get is to respond to your man’s messages after a few minutes or hours instead of immediately.

You’ll make him think of your attention as valuable.

So when he has it, he’ll make the most of it by satisfying you in bed.

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10. Improve your sex game

No guy likes a woman who just lies in bed limply like a starfish or makes him do all the work.

Any man would love to have a woman with a good sex game because it makes him feel like you’re also attracted to him.

You can be the one who initiates sex and even try to ride him without his permission.

Learn various sex styles other than the ones you’ve tried with him and experiment.

You may also read books on how to pleasure a man through oral sex and even the best ways to moan.

The thing is that when you moan, you’ll make him feel like his game is great.

And in turn, he will increase the power of his thrusts.

11. Use a sexy body language

It is said that only the sexy man gets laid primarily because of his body language— a sexy look with his chin tucked down and eyes peaking up.

But did you know that women can also raise the interest of their men in them through sexy body language?

For example, touching your neck slower, more sensual, and more of a caress can arouse your lover.

You could also cross your legs while looking at your man as a sign that you’re submitting to him.

Biting your lip while gazing at him is a sexual body language you can try on your man.

12. Do kegel exercises

Kegel exercises work out the muscles around your uterus and vagina so you can hold onto your lover’s dick tightly when he is inside you.

He may cum almost immediately when you do this, as your vagina will feel tight on him.

What better way to make him cry in bed than to make him cum quickly?  


Making your man feel pleasure to the point that he cries in bed is not as complicated as you think.

You can flirt with him, dress in a sexy way, and even try new sex positions.

Try any of these options, and you may get your man to value you as he used to.


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