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Do the Dead Know We Love and Miss Them (Unveil the Afterlife)

Death is an inevitable part of life. It took many decades for people to embrace this fact.

Whether it’s the departure of your loved one or a relative, the concept of death has continued to scare us.

People keep scratching their heels to connect to their lost ones.

Therefore, they have developed a curiosity to learn about the afterlives’ spirit world.

Our aching hearts cry for an escape.

So, we end up searching for a way to let the dead know we love and miss them.

We want to believe the dead are aware of our love and admiration for them.

We want to be sure they can still feel our love and miss us too.

In this article, you’ll find the best possible explanations to know a bit about the spiritual world.

Ready to dive into the eerie world of the afterlife? Let’s get started!

Breaking the Myth

Have you always believed that the metaphysical world is high in the heavens?

If so, then let me break this myth for you.

You won’t know, but the physical world is interlaced with the spiritual one.

That’s the reason for the presence of some mystical portals in the dimension of earth.

When a person dies, he shifts into another dimension. It means the physical form is no more tangible to him.

However, you can’t say they are too far away.

If you are passionately missing them, be happy.

They can sense your passionate love and desperation to meet again.

Do They Know What We Feel?

As said earlier, the physical and spiritual worlds are interlaced.

Your loved ones who are no more can sense your feelings.

They know if you love and miss them.

But, to get an in-depth answer, let’s watch out for several aspects.

The frequencies from the dead may vary depending on the type of our relationship with them.

  • A loved one- someone intimately close to you (husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend).
  • A close relative or a family member (parents, siblings, cousin, uncle, or aunt).
  • Someone you know in general (a best friend).

1. Death of an Intimately Closed One

Missing a dead person is natural.

But the death of someone intimately close is much worse than heartbreak.

Due to the affinity of your relationship, your energies spark with your deceased life partner.

It’s a higher chance they know you love and miss them because the frequencies of your bond are strong.

They also miss you. But, you need to realize this as you are on a low frequency.

When you are alone and quiet, they will be there to console you with their spiritual presence.

2. Death of a Relative or a Family Member

It entirely depends on the quality of the bond you shared when they were alive.

If a family member is close to you, like a mother, father, or sibling, your energies can match.

But, if you do not have a strong tie with a relative, their spirit won’t sense your feelings.

  • In this case, it is important to build strong energies with the dead by speaking out your heart.
  • Rather than using your words, use the power of intentions.
  • You can even develop a connection with them through meditation.

3. Death of Someone You Know Generally

A similar thought of frequency goes with the death of a friend.

If you lose someone you know in general, like a classmate or a neighbor, the spirit in the other realm won’t recognize you.

But, if it’s your deceased best friend with whom you shared a closer tie, your frequencies are in harmony.

They can know if you are still missing them.

  • Imagine yourself sitting at the top of a mountain and sending out your positive energy.
  • Your best friend in the other realm will definitely pick it up and respond in kind.
  • You will feel their response in the form of a sudden chill.

Ultimately, it all depends on the nature of your bond with the specific person.

Religious Clarification

There are countless religions worldwide, and each holds a different point of view on this matter.

The concept of communication with the dead ones remained a superstition in every system.

However, a common belief is found among the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, and other faith systems.

All of these religions believe the dead people know about their survivors. They miss you too.

1. Biblical View

The Holy Bible of Christianity talks about death several times.

It presents three paradoxical statements about communication with dead people.

  • Death is like a ”sleep.”
  • The dead people don’t know about us or what’s happening in our life.
  • Although the dead are in heaven, they are aware of us.

The third statement suggests evidence that the dead know about what’s happening in our lives.

So they know when and how we miss them.

2. Judaism View

Judaism presents a clear explanation about the deceased and communication with them.

According to this religion, a soul is aware of what’s happening around the body.

Moreover, it can perceive the sounds in your surroundings.

However, the clarity of these sounds isn’t like an alive person’s perception.

  • The spirit can sense your feelings when it departs from the body.
  • The departed soul will feel content if you are sincerely grieved in a mournful state.
  • But, if your mourning is not genuine, the dead person’s soul will be unsatisfied.

3. Hinduism View

Hinduism also supports the concept the dead know about our feelings.

According to this tradition, a person’s death is just like life.

When he dies, he’s not faded completely.

Instead, he has just shifted into another world, the world of their ancestors.

The soul remains in that world unless it is born again. Also, some say the soul lingers until it gets a new life.

So, the dead ones can know what’s going on in your life and if you want to talk to them.

You can also take guidance from an expert psychic medium. 

By connecting to the spirit world, they can help you make contact with your loved ones.

Spiritual Clarification: Vibrational Logic

From a spiritual point of view, people’s souls are made of pure energy.

But when they are dead, they no longer have the ability to communicate directly in the physical world.

It means they require a medium to transfer the vibrational energy.

Although they still have pure energy, their higher frequency builds an invisible connection.

Have you tried an exercise of listening by closing your eyes?

You can only hear the sound and not see the source.

Communication with the dead is exactly the same.

It’s just like someone is peeking at us, and we don’t know about that.

So, you see the energy operating backstage?

Yes, it’s vibrations! Vibrations and frequencies are what work behind them.

It happens in the stages described below.

  • Firstly, vibrations of feelings arise (love, compassion, grief).
  • Secondly, the physical body resonates with the spiritual realm.
  • Eventually, the connection is established.
  • The more you love, the stronger the energy.

That’s the spiritual clarification over the matter of communication with the dead.

Scientific Clarification

Science involves psychology, philosophy, and quantum physics.

It explains the process of communication with dead people in a sophisticated way.

Research has shown for many decades that what we think is what we see.

You may already know but listen; “your thoughts control your perception of things.”

It means the way you feel about the dead one is responsible for your perception of the physical world.

Assume, for a moment, you are holding the picture of a dead one.

You are watching the facial features and dearly missing them.

Now, it’s natural that you’ll feel their voice and presence around.

So, it’s a game of your mind and not reality.

Is It Possible To Communicate With Them?

Well, the answer to this question has a variety of dimensions.

Every culture and religion holds a different perspective on this.

However, most religions favor that the dead can communicate with us.

Some cultures believe that the deceased ones stay with us but in an aerial form.

They are still here to guide, help, and protect us.

Some of the significant stances over communication with the spirits are:

1. Biblical Stance

The Bible narrates the story of Saul that unveils a striking concept.

In the book of 1 Samuel, you can find a reference when Saul consulted a witch of Endor to call the soul of Samuel.

He was successful in summoning the prophet Samuel. Saul even saw his physical appearance and conversed with him.

The story clearly shows that it is possible to communicate with the people who are gone.

2. Dream Vision

Another stance suggests that people can communicate with us in the afterlife via dreams.

It is the most common experience of people in every culture.

If you have witnessed a deceased loved one in your dreams, believe that death isn’t the ultimate end!

It’s just the shift of dimension, and the dead ones try to communicate with us by visiting our dreams.

There are several theories about the reason for these mystical dreams.

  • The dead person uses our brain’s sleep chemicals to meet us in a dream.
  • They want us to remember the visit in long-term memory.
  • They come to our dreams when they warn us about some unfortunate thing going to happen.

You can’t call and converse directly. Always consult a medium to conjure a dead one.

Do They Visit Us?

In general, yes! Many religions say that dead people can visit us.

The probability of their visit depends mainly on the nature of your ties with that person.

However, the mode of their arrival isn’t the physical body but a spiritual one.

It’s because they are in another dimension.  

The spirits of our beloved deceased ones visit us in several forms.

  • They can visit you in the form of an animal (butterfly or a pet you like).
  • They can come in the form of an inanimate object (something close to your heart, like a bangle).
  • Physical presence (a rare case).

Signs From the Deceased Ones

As you miss the departed soul, you are curious to know if they feel the same about you.

So, here are a few signs from the deceased soul that show you if they have the same feelings for you.

  • An abrupt shift in mood.
  • The fragrance of their favorite flowers.
  • A presence of calmness and peace.
  • Signs from the objects that they owned.
  • A sudden feeling of warmth and love.
  • A vision or dream of them.
  • Flowers at the site of the grave.

If you notice such signs, know that your loving soul is trying to send you messages.

You can also watch this video to see the 10 signs to confirm if a deceased one is visiting you:

Do You Want To Let Them Know Your Feelings?

The loss of a loved one is incomprehensible. It becomes challenging for some people to move on in their life.

When people cannot bear the loss, they start missing their beloved ones and want to let them know their emotions.

So, if you want to convey your emotions, you can do it in several ways.

  • Create a memorial in their memory.
  • Send flowers and letters to them.
  • Visualize that you are speaking to them.
  • Meditate along with candlelight.
  • Do things that used to make them happy.
  • Listen to their favorite music.
  • Talk about them in front of others.

In Summary

So, do the dead know we love and miss them? Yes, they do!

Death has always been a painful thing to talk about, and the death of a loved one is even more agonizing.

But I hope this article turned your grief into a ray of contentment.

The Bible and other resources confirm that the dead know you love and miss them.

You can communicate and get signaled messages from them too. After all, it’s about frequencies and not the physical bodies.

So, let that sink into your mind that they are still present with you in spiritual form.

Stay calm and keep looking for the signs!

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